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Sociopathy Breeds Success4horsemen

Tully Blanchard – a certified legend – was maddeningly insufferable. That smirk. That condescending chuckle. That sawed-off alpha-jerk bully proclivity.

Tully Blanchard is the exception to The Rules of Bullying, as laid out to us as children by our parents and teachers. He does NOT wither and disappear when you stand up to him. He does NOT see the so-called error of his ways. He does NOT seek to intimidate the weak – no. Instead, he seeks simply to victimize and bask in the afterglow of his crimes.


But, what could anyone do? Within five minutes in the ring, Tully would’ve rendered one or more of your limbs combat ineffective, and you were probably only seconds away from a slingshot vertical suplex that might just lacerate a kidney. The man won dozens of wrestling championships all over the world, as if by being crowned, he was telling us, “Everything about me is deliciously wrong. Everything about me is undoubtedly successful, and there’s not a single, solitary thing anyone can do about it.”

With all of that said, let’s re-asses. Tully Blanchard was more than a bully, he was a sociopath.

The Golden Boy Greg Anthony is maddeningly insufferable – a smirking, chuckling, sawed-off alpha-jerk. He perpetrates. He imposes. He manipulates. He victimizes. He, too, is a multi-time pro wrestling champion. And now, as if that wasn’t enough, James J. Dillon, the man who focused and unleashed Blanchard’s self serving sociopathic skills and talents, has now taken it upon himself to do something of the same for a similarly talented Anthony.


Anthony, as previously mentioned, is already extremely decorated. He possesses a Tully-esque move set loaded with lightning quick power moves and crippling submissions. He wastes little movement. He can match styles with any type of opponent. He derives satisfaction from others’ misery. All of this was fact BEFORE his association with Dillon. Now, with JJ’s sage-like wisdom, look for Greg Anthony to make his push for his own certified sociopathic legend status – and let’s face it: bullies are rarely legendary. Sociopaths, however, leave deep gouges that only a full scale societal collapse could force into the silent depths of history.

-by Daniel StusiakĀ