Nostalgia VS Tradition and the Resurgence of the NWA

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. In small doses, it helps color memories fondly and allows us to appreciate where we’ve come from. Too much, and we’re quickly living in the past, pining for a reality that is long since gone. Nostalgia, by its nature, neglects to remember the negative aspects of the past, thereby leaving us vulnerable to repeating previous mistakes. Professional wrestling is prime ground for the best and worst that nostalgia brings out of us. But, alongside nostalgia, exists tradition.

Tradition operates within the same sphere as nostalgia. Tradition is nostalgia’s stoic older brother, keeping a slightly wider orbit than its petulant sibling. Not content to dwell or ruminate, tradition upholds the elements that run consistently throughout multiple generations, with a steely focus on the future and what is yet to be accomplished.