Being a world champion is an honor – NWA MID SOUTH

If you are a professional wrestler than your goal should be to become the world heavyweight champion. To be the top guy in our business, the person that is putting asses every 18 inches. However not everyone can be “The Man”, not everyone can be the champ, not everyone can be that guy. So in today’s wrestling, unfortunately, if you aren’t ever the world heavyweight champion you are almost looked at as a failure. If everyone got their turn as world champion then it would diminish the championship but somewhere along the way we’ve tried to determine that being the champion is our only measure of success. Give me a roster full of Roddy Pipers, Jimmy Snukas, Arn Andersons, Ted Dibiases over any of the 20 somethings that were world champions but you forget they held that distinction until someone casually reminds you.


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