“The Office” Has Taken Over/The Posse Joins “The Office”

As we all saw this past saturday night at the #HerbWelchWrestleplex, Christopher White stated that he was changing the course of the entire NWA Mid South, and that course of change came only known as The Office. Christopher White inducted the 2016 Freedom Cup Winner and 2016 Rookie Of the Year winner Jakob Edwinn into The Office but as we saw after the C&C Main Event, Christ tried to get “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony to join but The Golden Boy said NO, as Chris, Jakob, and Jamal began walking toward the ring The Posse slides in and as we thought was there to help The Golden Boy but, as we saw we were VERY WRONG, everybody was absolutely SHOCKED as the Posse double teamed The Golden Boy as it was made perfectly clear that The Posse had joined The Office. Now leaves the huge question Why Posse Why? which is also the name of the event this saturday night, February 4, 2017.