Legends & Lions Heavyweight Championship

Simon Reed8/23/15Union City, TN
Tracy Smothers2/28/16Dyersburg, TN
Van "The Man" Van Horn9/28/16Ripley, TN
Greg Anthony2/24/17Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson5/26/17Ripley, TN
Jakob Edwinn7/7/17Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson8/4/17Ripley, TN
Meklakov9/1/17Ripley, TNAs of October 1st, 2017 no longer apart of NWA. Renamed Pro Wrestling Mid South.
Koko Anderson (2)11/10/17Ripley, TN
Meklakov(2)12/22/17Ripley, TN
Brandon White 3/16/18Ripley, TN
Josh Matthews 5/26/18Ripley, TN
JP Fantastic10/12/18Ripley, TN
Morgan Williams2/1/19Ripley, TN
JP Fantastic (2)3/1/19Ripley, TN
Simon Reed (2)5/10/19Ripley, TN
Chris Knighttrain6/21/19Ripley, TN
Simon Reed (3)10/11/19Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson (3)11/22/19Ripley, TN
Simon Reed (4)1/17/20Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson (4)1/24/20Ripley, TN
Simon Reed (5)3/20/20Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson (5)9/4/20Ripley, TN
Morgan Williams (2)10/23/20Ripley, TN
Brandon Ray1/29/21Ripley, TN
H.C. Loc3/12/21Ripley, TN
Brandon Ray (2)3/13/21Dyersburg, TN
Tommy Boy Jones5/28/21Ripley, TN
Koko Anderson (6)6/11/21Ripley, TN Koko cashes in his Meal Ticket opportunity after Tommy had been destroyed by The Ray Boys