Southern Junior Heavyweight Championship

Joe Gunther5/25/1939New Orleans, LA
Tommy Ward3/20/1950
Karl Kowalski9/18/1950
Henry Harrell4/19/1952Jackson, MSDefeated Tex Riley in Tournament Final
Herb Welch7/1/1952Knoxville, TN
Al Galento8/21/1952Chattanooga, TN
Tex Riley10/1/1952Kingsport, TN
Jesse James11/1/1952
Red Roberts1/1/1953
Ray Piret3/17/1954Nashville, TN
Sonny Myers2/21/1955Birmingham, AL
Frank Jares7/26/1955Birmingham, AL
The Masked Bat5/22/1956Nashville, TN
Frank Jares (2)5/29/1956Nashville, TN
Jesse James (2)7/24/1956Nashville, TN
Frank Jares (3)8/7/1956Nashville, TN
Herb Welch (2)8/27/1956Birmingham, AL
The Great Malenko (Frank Fozo)9/19/1956Mobile, AL
Herb Welch (3)10/16/1956Mobile, AL
Tor Yamata2/25/1957Birmingham, AL
Cyclone Anaya6/17/1957Birmingham, AL
Mario Galento8/21/1957Mobile, ALTitle Vacated due to Galento's lack of defense
Cyclone Anaya (2)9/21/1957
Tor Yamata (2)10/1/1957Nashville, TN
Ray Stevens11/11/1957Birmingham, AL
Tor Yamat (3)1/1/1958
Herb Welch (3)3/17/1958Memphis, TN
Fred Blassie5/1/1958
Ray Stevens (2)6/1/1958
Corsica Jean7/22/1958Nashville, TN
Ray Stevens (3)10/1/1958Title Vacated when Stevens left territory
Yvon Robert11/1/1958Birmingham, AL
Jesse James (3)1/12/1959Birmingham, AL
Jackie Fargo9/30/1959Mobile, AL
Mike Clancy12/28/1959Birmingham, AL
Bill Monroe12/22/1960Chattanooga, TN
Len Rossi12/27/1960Nashville, TN
Don Greene7/22/1961Chattanooga, TN
Len Rossi (2)1/8/1962Memphis, TN
Taro Sakuro2/18/1962Chattanooga, TN
Joe Lanza6/7/1962Chattanooga, TN
Jackie Fargo (2)8/1/1962
Hans Steiner9/1/1962
Len Rossi (3)5/1/1963
Frankie Cain5/8/1963Memphis, TN
Alex Perez1/1/1964
Rocky Smith11/1/1964
Alex Perez (2)2/8/1965
Rocky Smith (2)11/1/1965Title Held up after match VS Hiro Matsuda on 12/16/1965 in Chattanooga, TN
Rocky Smith (3)12/23/1965Chattanooga, TN
Alex Perez (3)1/18/1966Nashville, TN
Al Costello4/8/1966Nashville, TN
Karl Von Brauner4/28/1966Nashville, TN
Jackie Fargo (3)7/27/1966Nashville, TN
Len Rossi (4)4/1/1967
The Great Yamaha (Kantaro Joshino)8/19/1967Chattanooga, TN
Len Rossi (5)8/31/1967Chattanooga, TN
Tojo Yamamoto3/19/1968Chattanooga, TN
Siki Samara8/13/1969Mobile, AlSamara was awarded the title.
Jimmy Jones8/13/1969Mobile, AL
Siki Samara (2)8/20/1969Mobile, AL
Len Rossi (6)3/1/1970
Sputnik Monroe7/1/1970Chattanooga, TN
Len Rossi (7)8/1/1971Title Vacated in 1973 when Rossi breaks his ankle.
Tommy Gilbert3/1/1973Birmingham, AL
Lou Thesz6/1/1973
Tommy Gilbert (2)9/1/1973
Ron Garvin12/1/1973
Tommy Gilbert (3)1/1/1974Birmingham, AL
Lou Thesz (2)3/18/1974Memphis, TN
Tommy Gilbert (4)4/10/1974Nashville, TN
Jerry Lawler 4/15/1974Memphis, TN
Ricky Gibson6/3/1974Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler (2)6/10/1974Memphis, TN
Jackie Fargo (4)6/24/1974Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler (3)7/8/1974Memphis, TN
Jackie Fargo (5)7/20/1974Chattanooga, TN
Jerry Lawler (4)7/27/1974Chattanooga, TNTitle Renamed NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship
Joey Venture11/19/1999Dyersburg, TNDefeated Mr. Showtime for the NWA Mid South Junior Heavyweight Championship. Title Revived and renamed NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Championship on 12/4/1999
Mr. Showtime1/7/2000Dyersburg, TN
The Studd2/18/2000Dyersburg, TN
Pokerface3/18/2000Newbern, TN
Joey Venture (2)3/31/2000Dyersburg, TN
Mark Southern 5/5/2000Dyersburg, TN Stripped in July of 2000 for lack of defenses.
Kilo7/21/2000Dyersburg, TNDefeated Pokerface
Pokerface (2)8/18/2000Dyersburg, TN
American Dragon9/1/2000Dyersburg, TN
Pokerface (3)9/17/2000Gibson, TN
The Fabulous Rocker11/25/2000Dyersburg, TN
Danny B. Good12/21/2000Dyersburg, TN
Mr. Showtime (2)2/24/2001Dyersburg, TN
Dustin Starr3/10/2001Dyersburg, TN
Mr. Showtime (3)3/24/2001Dyersburg, TN
Dustin Starr (2)4/7/2001Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony4/14/2001Dyersburg, TN
Chris Fury9/16/2001Newbern, TN
Void3/10/2002Newbern, TN
Chris Sanders8/31/2002Magee, MS
Void (2)5/30/2003Humboldt, TNStripped in July 2003 for his alleged defense of the title in another town on same night as an NWA event.
Seth Cyrus7/11/2003Humboldt, TNDefeated Void in Tournament Final
A.J. Bradley10/31/2003Humboldt, TN
Seth Cyrus (2)4/30/2004Humboldt, TNDefeated Joey Luciano
Joey Luciano6/11/2004Humboldt, TN
Dustin Masters10/1/2004Humboldt, TN
Void (3)
Blaze4/8/2005Humboldt, TN
Anthony Wayne7/17/2005Humboldt, TN
Greg Anthony (2)8/26/2005Humboldt, TNTitle Vacated in January 2006
Blackbird Ice1/20/2006Humboldt, TNTitle Vacated April 2006
Seth Knight4/15/2006Ripley, TN
Greg Anthony (3)5/27/2006Humboldt, TN
Seth Knight (2)3/17/2007Lawrence, KSTitle Change at NWA Central States. Title Vacated
Charles Alexander1/17/2014Millersville, TNDefeats Josh Crow, Chris Cane, Blue Tiger, Sade, Shane Smalls in 6 Pack Challenge.
Kevin Weatherby4/11/2014Millersville, TN
Lightning Bolt Kid7/25/2014Millersville, TN
Corey Crews11/21/2014Millersville, TN
Ali Shabazz1/02/2015Millersville, TN
Caleb Courageous9/19/2015Cookeville, TNTitle Vacated in 2016
Colin Delaney4/23/2016Dyersburg, TNDefeats Darious Douglas in 4-Man Tournament Final
Double D11/18/2016Greenville, MS
Corazon De Dragon2/10/2017Ripley, TN
Double D (2)2/11/2017Dyersburg, TN
Matt Taylor 3/4/2017Dyersburg, TN
Double D (3)3/11/2017Dyersburg, TN
Jake Lander 6/2/2017Ripley, TNAs of October 1st No longer a member of the NWA.
The Tornado II (Pee Wee Pitts)10/14/2017Dyersburg, TN
Mark Southern2/3/18Alamo, TN
The Tornado II (Pee Wee Pitts) (2)2/10/18Dyersburg, TN
El Amigo Loco
(Thud Powell)
2/17/18Dyersburg, TN
Trent Ware4/21/18Dyersburg, TN
El Amigo Loco (2)
(Thud Powell)
8/10/18Ripley, TN
Jeffro Wilson10/20/18Dyersburg, TN
Joey Corman11/10/18Dyersburg, TN
Jeffro Wilson (2)11/24/18Dyersburg, TN
M.C B-Side3/16/19Dyersburg, TN
Kee Awesome5/4/19Dyersburg, TN
Thud Powell (3)5/25/19Dyersburg, TN
Kee Awesome (2)6/1/19Dyersburg, TN
Arrick McGinnis10/12/19Dyersburg, TN
Wonderboy3/14/20Dyersburg, TN
Cody James 8/8/20Dyersburg, TN
J.R. Stone 1/1/21Ripley, TN
Pee Wee Pitts (3)3/19/21Ripley, TN
J.R. Stone (2)4/9/21Ripley, TN
Pee Wee Pitts (4)4/17/21Dyersburg, TN
J.R. Stone (3)5/2/21Memphis, TN
Pee Wee Pitts (5)8/27/21Ripley, TN
James Elliott 10/16/21Dyersburg, TN
Jon Michael 4/16/22Dyersburg, TN
Cody CraZee 8/27/22Dyersburg, TN
Anthony Wayne (2)1/14/23Dyersburg, TN
The Yellowjacket 4/15/23Dyersburg, TN
Pee Wee Pitts (6)8/19/23Dyersburg, TN
Mr. Mid South II 11/25/23Dyersburg, TN
Logan Hendrix 1/26/24Ripley, TN
Wonderboy Jr 5/25/24Dyersburg, TN