Mid South Tag Team Titles

NameDate Location*Notes
Missouri Bad Boys: Mark Southern & Ricky BryantTennessee
Ricky Murdock & Johnny Gunn*7/23/99Dyersburg, TNRenamed NWA Mid-South title
Missouri Bad Boys [2]8/06/99Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature: Rude & Tully9/17/99Dyersburg, TN
Moondog Rover & Tim White10/01/99Dyersburg, TN
Missouri Bad Boys [3]11/12/99Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [2]*11/19/99Dyersburg, TNAwarded due to no show
Southern Pride: Kilo & Tommy Redneck1/28/00Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [3]1/29/00Tiptonville, TN
The Rebellion: Kurt Reigns & Tejas4/7/00Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [4]4/8/00Dresden, TN
Top Gunz: Ricky Hayes & Tim White4/15/00Newbern, TN
New Texas Outlaws: Ricky Murdock & Austin Rhodes*5/13/00Tiptonville, TNVacant in Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [5]7/7/00Dyersburg, TNDefeat The Assassins and Missouri Bad Boys in a three way dance
Joey Venture & Mark Southern8/04/00Dyersburg, TN
New Texas Outlaws [2]8/18/00Greenville, MS
Joey Venture & Mark Southern [2]*8/25/00Dyersburg, TNDefeat New Texas Outlaws and Naughty by Nature
Ricky Murdock & Dustin Starr12/02/00Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [6]12/21/00Dyersburg, TN
Pink Flamingos02/17/01Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [7]3/10/01Dyersburg, TN
Joey Venture & Gator McAllister*9/10/01Newbern, TNStripped for refusing to defend the title on 10/19/02 against Missouri Renegade & Mark Southern because they are friends
Missouri Renegade & Mark Southern*10/19/02Tiptonville, TNVacated on 11/21/03
Black Birds: Ice & Jazz*4/22/05Humboldt, TNDefeat Void & A.J. Bradley
Deathwish8/20/05Milan, TN
Black Birds [2]*10/14/05Humboldt, TNWin by default when Deathwish no-show
New Bounty Hunters: Ricky Murdock & Big Nasty Bill10/14/05Humboldt, TNVacated afterwards
Team Showtime03/29/13TennesseeAwarded Tag Titles by “Showtime” Daniel Thomas
The Bourne Supremacy (Joseph and Steven Bourne)03/29/13Union City, TN
The Asylum (Psycho&Pappy)06/07/13Union City, TN
Team MoJoe (Moe Stegall & Joseph Bourne)07/26/13Union City, TN
Greg Anthony & Jason Rage08/02/13Union City, TN
State of Shock (Moe Stegall & Dan Matthews)09/13/13Union City, TN
Greg Anthony & Jason Rage(2)11/01/13Union City, TN
Team Redneck (Erik & Chris Hayes)12/27/13Union City, TN
Greg Anthony & Jason Rage (3)01/17/14Union City, TN
The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)02/07/14Union City, TN
The Empire (Matt Riviera & Greg Anthony)04/18/14Tiptonville, TNAugust 2014, PWE joins the NWA and becomes NWA Mid South
The Posse04/04/15Dyersburg, TNWon championships as a surprise gift from The Championship Committee by defeating Van VanHorn & Justyce.
The KC Wolves04/18/15Dyersburg, TN
The Posse [2]06/13/15Dyersburg, TN
Bad Company (Van VanHorn & Jeff Blair)07/25/15Dyersburg, TN
The Posse [3]09/05/15Dyersburg, TN
Bad Company [2]09/19/15Dyersburg, TN
The Posse [4]11/21/15Dyersburg, TN
The Love Connection03/19/16Dyersburg, TN
Dos Amigos Locos
07/30/16Dyersburg, TN
The Posse [5]10/15/16Dyersburg, TN
The Love Connection (2)11/05/16Dyersburg, TN
The Posse [6]11/26/16Dyersburg, TN
Tornado II (Pee Wee Pitts) & WonderBoy3/11/17Dyersburg, TN
Rock-N-Rap Express (Morgan Williams & KSwiss)8/19/17Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony & Matt McNamara 4/14/18Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys
(Brandon & Blaze)
7/14/18Dyersburg, TN
Addison Caine & Terry Wayne10/13/18Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys (2)10/27/18Dyersburg, TN
The Beautiful Ones
(Rob Love & Joey Romero)
11/24/18Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys (3)12/8/18Dyersburg, TN
The Beautiful Ones (2)12/22/18Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys (4)1/12/19Dyersburg, TN
Pee Wee Pitts & Wonderboy (2)3/2/19Dyersburg, TN
The Beautiful Ones (3)3/30/19Dyersburg, TN
Pee Wee Pitts & Wonderboy (2)4/13/19Dyersburg, TN
The Office (Thud & Jablonski)5/4/19Dyersburg, TN
Jon Michael & Greg Anthony5/18/19Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys(5)6/8/19Dyersburg, TN
Tommy Boy Jones and James Lee9/7/19Dyersburg, TN
The Ray Boys (6)9/14/19Dyersburg, TN
Jon Michael & Wonderboy9/21/19Dyersburg, TN
The Hardliners (Brandon Ray & Terry Wayne)10/5/19Dyersburg, TN
The Posse (7)10/19/19Dyersburg, TN
The Hardliners (2)12/7/19Dyersburg, TN
The All Nighters3/14/20Dyersburg, TNStripped August 2020 due to scheduling
The Widowmakers (Thud Powell & Cody James)9/5/20Dyersburg, TNWon in tag tournament after defeating Greg Anthony & Christian Jacobs in finals.
Picture Perfect 3/14/21Memphis, TN
The Widowmakers (2)3/20/21Dyersburg, TN
Picture Perfect (2)5/15/21Dyersburg, TN
Bad Omen (Koko Anderson & Michael Jablonski)12/18/21Dyersburg, TN
THE MEGA MASKS (Mr. Mid South & SuperShocker) 4/16/22Dyersburg, TN
Bad Omen (2)8/6/22Dyersburg, TN
The Mega Masks (2)9/3/22Dyersburg, TN
The Punishment Company (David Jason Rose & Thud Powell)10/15/22Dyersburg, TN