Unified Heavyweight Championship

Randy RocketTennessee
Doug Gilbert*7/23/99Dyersburg, TNRenamed NWA Mid-South
Blade Boudreaux*8/13/99Dyersburg, TNDefeats Doug Gilbert and Randy Rocket in a Triple Threat match.
Don Bass8/28/99Kenton, TN
Blade Boudreaux [2]9/4/99Brownsville, TN
Big Nasty Bill11/5/99Dyersburg, TN
V-Man1/14/00Dyersburg, TN
Blade Boudreaux [3]*1/29/00Tiptonville, TNWins by forfeit when V-Man no-shows
Kip Morris*3/11/00Trenton, TNDefeats Bulldog Raines after Boudreaux unable to make the scheduled three-way match
Blade Boudreaux [4]3/25/00Humbolt, TN
Tracy Smothers*4/21/00Dyersburg, TNVacated afterwards
Alan Steele*8/4/00Dyersburg, TNDefeats Blade Boudreaux
Bulldog Raines8/25/00Dyersburg, TN
Blade Boudreaux [5]10/15/00Nashville, TN
Brickhouse Brown12/21/00Dyersburg, TN
Blade Boudreaux [6]*2/17/01Dyersburg, TNVacated afterwards
Bulldog Raines [2]*3/24/01Dyersburg, TNDefeats Alex Krisis
Tracy Smothers [2]6/14/01Newbern, TN
Ricky Murdock9/15/01Humboldt, TN
Doug Gilbert [2]2/20/02Greenville, MS
Ricky Murdock [2]6/15/02Greenville, MS
Randy Rocket [2]11/16/02Greenville, MS
Bulldog Raines [3]5/02/03Humboldt, TN
Rude5/16/03Humboldt, TN
Ricky Murdock [3]9/19/03Humboldt, TN
Billy Ray Hickerson11/14/03Humboldt, TN
Ricky Murdoch [4]4/16/05Trenton, TNVacated afterwards
Don Bass [2]11/25/05Humboldt, TNDefeats Golden Boy in tournament final; vacant when promotion temporarily closes
Jon Micheal3/31/12Union City, TNDefeats Greg Anthony
Bull Bronson6/23/12Union City, TNWOWF leaves NWA. Bull Bronson is recognized as 1st PWE Mid South Champion
Rhyno11/10/12Union City, TN
Bull Bronson [2]2/9/13Union City, TN
Derrick King*7/26/13Union City, TNAll Action Wrestling Champion, Derrick King defeats Pro Wrestling Elite Mid South Champion Bull Bronson to unify championships. Title is renamed PWE Unified Championship.
Bull Bronson [3]8/6/13Union City, TN
Jon Michael [2]9/13/13Union City, TN
Seth Knight11/29/13Union City, TN
Eric Wayne*1/17/14Union City, TNEric Wayne is awarded Championship by Coach JP
Lil' Chris2/14/14Union City, TN
Greg Anthony2/14/14Union City, TN
Bull Bronson [4]2/28/14Union City, TNAugust 2014, PWE Joins the NWA and becomes NWA Mid South
Greg Anthony [2]12/27/14Dyersburg, TN
Jason Peter Rose02/14/15Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony [3]3/14/15Dyersburg, TN
Gaylon Summers4/4/15Dyersburg, TN
Tim Storm5/2/15Dyersburg, TNStorm unifies TCW Heavyweight Championship when Summers No Shows event.
Rob Conway6/20/15Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony [4]10/10/15Dyersburg, TN
Jeremy Moore12/26/15Dyersburg, TN
Matt Riviera07/02/16Morgan City, LA
Jeremy Moore[2]08/13/16Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony[5]10/15/16Dyersburg, TNVacated due to winning NWA National Championship
Johnny Morton11/26/16Dyersburg, TNWins championship in annual $10,000 Royal Challenge- 20 Man over the top Battle Royal
Jakob Edwinn 02/18/17Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony [6]3/11/17Dyersburg, TN
Simon Reed5/15/17Dyersburg, TNAs of October 1, 2017 no longer apart of the NWA. Renamed Pro Wrestling Mid South
Greg Anthony [7]10/14/17Dyersburg, TN
Dale Wylde 12/9/17Dyersburg, TN
Jon Michael [3]12/28/19Dyersburg, TN
Michael Jablonski8/1/20Dyersburg, TNCashes in stolen Meal Ticket
Christian Jacobs10/17/20Dyersburg, TNCashes in Meal Ticket
Michael Jablonski [2]11/28/20Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony [8]3/20/21Dyersburg, TN
Bull Bronson [5]10/2/21Dyersburg, TN
Greg Anthony [9]12/18/21Dyersburg, TN
Christian Jacobs [2]4/16/22Dyersburg, TN
Jon Michael [4]10/15/22Dyersburg, TN Title vacated due to injury on 11/5/22
Tim Rockwell 11/26/22Dyersburg, TN Wins in $10,000 Royale Challenge
Brandon Ray 2/11/23Dyersburg, TN
Thud Powell 12/30/23Dyersburg, TN
Brandon Ray [2]2/17/24Dyersburg, TN